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Discover the Healing Power of Conscious Connected Breathwork

Updated: May 15

Join us for a remarkable event, "Breathe Deeply - Conscious Connected Breathwork," where you can unwind, connect with your inner self, and restore balance in your life. Our experienced facilitator, Lottie from Naturally Lottie, will guide you through an immersive journey of self-discovery.

Experience Conscious Connected Breathwork:

Delve into the profound practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork, a simple yet powerful technique that utilizes intentional breathing to unlock deep self-connection. Through this transformative process, you'll release stress, tension, and emotional blockages, fostering mental and emotional equilibrium while expanding your consciou

Journey of Self-Discovery:

During the workshop, Lottie will expertly lead you through a breathwork journey, facilitating personal growth, emotional healing, and self-awareness. No prior experience is necessary as you embrace