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As curly hairdressers, we've seen so many clients come in frustrated and unsure of how to manage their curls. One of the biggest concerns is finding the perfect haircut for their curls. So, in this post, we'll be sharing my top tips for finding the perfect haircut for your curls.

What is the best hair cut for curly hair?

The best haircut for curly hair is one that works with your curls, not against them. This means avoiding styles that require a lot of manipulation. Take a look at your curl pattern, you may find if you have large bouncy curls a short style won't suit, likewise if you have tighter curls a such as blunt one length cut will give you a triangular shaped silhouette. Instead, opt for a cut that enhances your natural curl pattern, such as long layers or a "curly shag" cut.

Can normal hairdressers cut curly hair?

While any hairdresser can technically cut curly hair, not all of them have the expertise or experience necessary to do so effectively. Many of us have different curl patterns, some may have a straighter section of hair such as round the neckline or sometimes around the front. when this is cut at a uniform length whilst wet the drying of the hair will then reveal uneven layers and something we call the mushroom shape. Curly hair requires a different approach to cutting than straight hair, generally dry and curl by curl as it naturally sits so it's important to find a hairdresser who specialises in curly hair.

What do I tell my hairdresser for curly hair?

When speaking to your hairdresser, it's important to be specific about what you want and what you don't want. Here are some key things to communicate: • Be clear about your curl type and texture. Are your curls loose or tight? Fine or coarse? This will help your hairdresser determine the best approach for your hair. • Talk about your styling routine. Do you air-dry or diffuse? Do you use any specific products? This will help your hairdresser create a cut that works with your styling routine. • Discuss your hair goals. Are you looking for more volume, less frizz, or a specific length? • Let your hairdresser know what you want to achieve with your haircut.

How to find someone who cuts curly hair?

Finding a hairdresser who specializes in curly hair can be a challenge, but there are a few things you can do to make the process easier:

• Search for "curly hair salon near me" or "salons for curly hair" online. • Look for reviews and recommendations from other curly-haired people in your area. • Ask friends or family members with curly hair for their recommendations. • Look for a salon that advertises as a "curly hair specialist" or "salon specialising in curly hair." • Ask potential hairdressers about their experience with curly hair and if they have any photos of previous clients with similar hair to yours. At Head Shed, we understand the unique needs of curly hair and specialise in creating cuts that work with your natural curl pattern. Our curly dry cut technique ensures that your curls are properly shaped, balanced and defined, resulting in a style that's easy to manage and looks great every day.

Finding the perfect haircut for curly hair requires a bit of research and communication with your hairdresser. By finding a curly hair specialist and being specific about your needs and goals, you can achieve a cut that enhances your natural curls and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Why not visit us at Head Shed and let us help you achieve your dream curly hairstyle?! ... Jen x

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